Cricket is a global sport enjoyed by people of all ages. It originated in England in the 17th century but has since grown into a sport played by many countries across the world to date. It is similar to baseball, being a game of two teams with batsmen and bowlers (pitchers in baseball), but has been played way before baseball was a sport. The objective of the game is to score more runs than the opposing team by hitting the ball aimed toward the batsman. Junior cricket focuses on how this sport can help kids develop the physical skills the sport can hone, as well as soft skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship.

It goes without saying that balls flying at intense speeds are dangerous when aimed toward critical parts of the body. Even more so for children whose bodies are still relatively fragile and developing. That is why safety gears are compulsory when playing this sport. While various brands of cricket helmets are available in the market, in this article, we will be discussing just why the Ffrost brand offers you a great deal, especially for junior cricket players.

Overall protection

Every material used by the Ffrost brand model was chosen carefully to create a helmet that protects the head from every direction. The helmet is made from carbon fibre for the outer surface and Sorbothane for the inner surface. Carbon fibre is known to be one of the most robust materials when it comes to safety helmets. It dissipates the force from the point of impact across the surface of the helmet. In line with this, Sorbothan is a great shock absorber, cushioning the impact further, and protecting the head from severe concussions. The front section of the helmet is lined with titanium grills which are also lightweight and stronger as compared to stainless steel. This design is tested against speeds up to 120 mph, a lot faster than the fastest recorded bowling speed.

Overall comfort and fit

The Ffrost brand believes that comfort should not be traded off for safety. That is why they have focused on balancing the best protection with the best comfort–by creating a bespoke helmet catering to every player’s unique features. With the help of the latest technology in 3D scanning, the size and features of the individual’s head and face are considered when creating the helmet, assuring the perfect fit. This is perfect for junior cricket players as it allows them to wear the perfect size rather than those commercially built for more professional and older players. In addition, designs can be adjusted accordingly to provide better visibility, ensuring that any junior cricket player with their own helmet will be able to play to their fullest while enjoying the sport.

Protection and comfort are optimized when the helmet fits perfectly, leaving no room for error. It is highly recommended to have yours bespoke especially if there are certain features that make wearing the average cricket helmet more difficult than it should be. Try the Ffrost Cricket Helmets and optimize your gameplay!