Cricket, one of the oldest sports in the world, originated in the southern counties of England but is now thoroughly enjoyed not just by the English but by more and more countries around the world. It is a game of two teams with 11 players each. The team who can score the most runs is awarded the winner. A round begins with one team being the batsmen while the other will be in charge of the bowling and fielding. The ball is thrown towards the batsmen at high speeds, and the batsman will try to hit the ball to score runs.


While this sport has been around since the 16th century, it was only in the 1980s that wearing helmets and safety gear was made compulsory. This is because of the number and frequency of fatal injuries sustained, especially from the ball hitting a player’s critical body part. Since then, the number of fatalities has steadily dropped, making cricket safer to play and enjoy. If you are simply one of those who enjoy the sport and are thinking about which helmet to buy, then read on further about why we recommend the Ffrost Cricket Helmets.


Better protection

Gearing up is one thing; maximising your protection is another. Ffrost helmets use the best quality materials that are available in the market to manufacture their bespoke helmets. The outer shell is made from carbon fibre panels which are known for their strength and durability, all while also being lightweight. This material is best known for its excellent protection against high-speed impacts, making it suitable for this sport. The inner layer has Sorbothane which is also a great absorber of impact, further cushioning the blow. The faceguard, however, is made from titanium grills, and tested against impacts from speeds up to 120 mph (normal cricket ball speeds are only up to 90mph). This combination ensures that your head is well protected and safe without having to compromise your performance.


Better visibility

If you are wondering how Ffrost manages to outdo other helmets on visibility, the answer is simple. Ffrost helmets use the latest technology in 3D scanning to take note of all your head and facial features. Since the helmets are bespoke, your helmet will certainly be a perfect fit for you. What’s better, is that your facial features are taken into account when managing widths and sizes, to make sure nothing is blocking your view. The placements and sizes will be unique to you, and your protection is even more maximised.


Better options

There are two options to choose from when you buy a Ffrost Cricket Helmet: the Club model and the Pro model. The main difference is their intended use. The Club model is mostly for casual sports, and the Pro model is for professional sports. Here are some of the features of each model.

The Club model

  • Bespoke helmet from 3D-scanning
  • Simple design

The Pro model

  • Bespoke helmet from 3D-scanning
  • 3D scans are saved for future use (i.e. adjustment to style and designs)
  • Accommodates brand logos, colours, and other style adjustments

Both models offer the same comfort and protection. So if you’re trying this sport out for fun or as a hobby, then you can go with the Club model first. If you plan on playing the sport professionally, then you can’t go wrong with the Pro model.