Many industries pose great dangers and health risks due to the work sites and environments. This is especially true for the construction industry, where falling from great heights or being hit by falling or flying debris can be one of the most injurious hazards workers should look out for. This is why a standard for wearing appropriate safety helmets has been established (EN 397) to ensure that each worker is protected from fatal injuries that may come as a hazard from working at these sites.

The standard EN 397 is used for defining the baseline qualities of an industrial hard hat and its various capabilities. It defines physical and performance requirements that each hard hat should have at the minimum, and some optional characteristics as well, for more specialised jobs. Because there can be so much to choose from, it may be a bit difficult to choose the right one for you. That is why today, we will be focusing on the highly adaptable safety helmet you can find on the market: Ffrost Safety Helmets. The Ffrost Safety Helmets include a line of safety helmets for your various needs, it has an adjustable design that can cater to your safety and comfort requirements. Read on further to check out why you should consider buying a Ffrost Safety Helmet.


Manufactured with only the highest quality materials, their hard hats are designed thoughtfully and made thoroughly to ensure your safety is in check. The outer shell is made with carbon fibre and Sorbothane, two materials that are excellent at withstanding great impacts and being able to disperse it across the shell of the hat. The inner lining is made with polymer to make sure that further shock will be absorbed, lessening the impact on the head. The overall physical build is made to be very durable and long-lasting, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking at the slightest force.


While the physical structure is made to standard, the main selling feature of the Ffrost Safety Helmets is its unique design. Each design caters to each individual, as it uses modern 3D scanning technology to take note of important facial and head features that may affect the wearability of the hat. The materials used are also lightweight, allowing them to be worn for a whole day with little to no discomfort. This is very suitable for people who work for long hours and may lessen the physical toll of the job.


Since the design will always be unique to the user, it is highly customisable. The bespoke features do not only go as far as taking into account head and facial features but also have room for adjustments for additional protective gear. Those working in the forestry and sawmill industries would usually need ear defenders since they are constantly exposed to damaging noises. Instead of wearing something separate, special attachment points can be made to make sure that they are locked in place with the helmet, so it would not be bothersome to wear. Other additional attachments such as visors can be added for those who do welding jobs or are exposed to sawdust.

The Ffrost Brand is a promising safety helmet line that ensures safety goes hand in hand with comfort. If you want durable, long-lasting protection, you surely can’t go wrong with a Ffrost Safety Helmet.