Construction sites are home to some of the common hazards present in the workplace. Some of the common hazards in this workplace include ergonomic hazards involving heavy lifting and strenuous physical work, or safety hazards caused by dangerous workplaces with possible flying/falling debris and risk of falling or slipping, to name a few. While some hazards have more difficult solutions, a regulation minimizing occupational hazards are put into place, such as mandatory personal protective equipment (PPE) depending on the hazards a worker is exposed to.

Safety helmets are one of the integral and most common personal protective equipment required when working in construction sites. If you are looking for the perfect safety helmet for you, then check out below why Ffrost Safety Helmets are a good choice.

High-quality materials

Safety is of utmost importance when choosing the right protective gear. These safety helmets are made from the highest quality materials to ensure that it is long-lasting and durable. The exterior is a combination of carbon fibre and Sorbothane which makes it exemplary in dispersing heavy blows across the surface of the shell. The interior is dipped in a polymer which in turn makes it great in absorbing shocks, further dampening the blows. These materials work together to ensure your head remains safe inside it.

Custom-fit size

Unlike common hard hats available in the market, these safety helmets offer something unique. Using the latest 3D-scanning technology, the shape of your head is taken into account as the design is made. This makes sure that your hat will be the best fit for you. Furthermore, materials are lightweight so wearing your hat for long periods of time should be no trouble. The right fit does not only guarantee comfort, but it also guarantees the best safety as it is sturdy and securely harnessed on your head ensuring your head is perfectly cushioned.

Adjustable design

Another advantage of bespoke helmets is that the design itself can be altered. While it is still necessary to set it to standards, other attachments can be put into place for other protective equipment. One of the usual attachments to the safety helmet is the visor, which ranges from an eye shield to a full face shield, which helps protect the face, most especially your eyes. This is useful when exposed to welding spatters or sawdust. Other protective gear can also be accommodated such as earmuffs. Specifications can be adjusted as necessary, as long as it still fits the standards for a safety helmet.

The Ffrost Safety Helmets not only ensure your safety but also your comfort and ease. If you are still on the fence about your choice of helmet, this helmet is an excellent contender you should surely look out for.