The first image that comes to mind when we think of a construction site or people that work in the construction industry is that of a person wearing a hard hat. It is a mandatory requirement to wear these kinds of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to mitigate the hazards that come with working at these kinds of places. It has been found from the recent data from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on construction statistics for 2020-2021 that falling from great heights is the top cause of fatal injuries in this industry, so it is important to take time in choosing the correct safety helmet and feature for you.

A hard hat is a common safety helmet used in these workplaces, which is designed to provide the minimum required protection to the head when it is vulnerable to various hazards such as falling objects or debris, and even electricity. However, a safety helmet may become more complex than a hard hat, as it may provide better safety features and protection for the wearer. The British Standard EN 397 sets the standard for the design and quality of industrial safety helmets available for distribution, which also help in ensuring that poor-quality and faulty helmets are removed from the equation before it even reaches the market.

What is the Ffrost Safety Construction Helmet?

Built with the vision of safety and comfort, the Ffrost Safety Construction Helmet is a Premium Protection Product manufactured with the highest quality materials that maximize not only protection but comfort. It is a safety helmet that harnesses your head uniquely, using the latest technologies to ensure it is of exceptional quality.

How is it made?

Our safety helmets are manufactured with the best quality materials available in the market. The carbon fibre from the outer shell makes it lightweight and durable, and in combination with Sorbothane, helps lessen heavy blows or impact to the head. The inner surface is dipped in polymer to ensure the energy from the impact is absorbed and dispersed throughout the helmet’s surface. These features are important in a safety helmet for reducing the risk of concussions or even fatal injuries.

How can it maximize my protection?

A common hard hat’s design protects the wearer against blows to the head due to falling or flying debris or objects. Safety helmets do a lot more. It is equipped to protect you from various hazards apart from cushioning your head. The Ffrost Safety Construction Helmet was designed to have special attachment points for visors and even special ear protectors. Our safety helmet safely secures these attachments without affecting the mobility of the head. All these are strapped in to ensure your safety. A special bag will also be provided for when you won’t be wearing them, to help maintain their good condition.

How can it maximize my comfort?

Wearing the hat for a whole day can be quite draining and painful the longer you wear it. This is especially true when your helmet is missized. An incorrect fitting may cause pain as you wear it or may not give a full protection as it does not harness your head fully. The Ffrost Safety Construction Helmet utilizes 3D scanning technology to make sure that yours is always the right fit. This will lessen the worry of it falling off or being too tight, and safely fastens the helmet onto your head.

The Ffrost Safety Construction Helmet is an up-and-coming safety helmet product that will change the way you view safety. With our helmet, you can do the best of your day, while entrusting your safety and comfort to us.